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  1. PropellerEar

    Discussion The #DiabloIV Open Beta is live NOW.

    Played 1h in the morning, seems ok. Haven't been forced to party up yet, which is good. Not a Diablo fan.
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    Discussion ChatGPT consolewar, do your best!

    Asked chatGPT: Make a poem about Xbox fanboys that should include Series s Also asked the AI to: Describe a playful tussle between well-oiled sausage Jimbo and Hot air dispenser Phil. The result was too funny and was laughing too much, I managed to delete the story and the feature to recall...
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    Comparison Diablo IV | PS5 - Xbox Series S/X - PC | Graphics Comparison

    I have those in dungeons sometimes, but using the dash let's me go past it.
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    Discussion FTC Wants More Information About Microsoft's Future ZeniMax Exclusivity And Its 10-Year Deals - GameSpot

    Anything he said is more truthful than the BS you're trying here. You clearly didn't think before this BS did you?
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    Xbox Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard
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    Comparison Resident Evil 4 Remake | Xbox Series S/X - PS5 - PC | Graphics Comparison | Chainsaw Demo

    Ejaculista De Tits hasn't been banned as source here...
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    Welcome to IconEra

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    Xbox Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard

    I think the offer was declined because he is not a Walmart heiress.
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    Discussion Videocardz: PC GPU shipments decline 38% YoY

    How much mental gymnastics has PCMR guys had to go through to try to match the Console price/performance. PS5 DE with a DualSense controller included at $399.
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    Discussion Hypothetical: ABK is approved, what should Sony's next few moves be?

    I don't think the deal will go through... But if it goes through any multiplatform pub will be free game for Sony.
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    Discussion What IP should PlayStation revive?

    I never cared for Wipeout, Motorstorm would be cool though. Killzone followed with Resistance would be top choices.
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    PC PCMR competition 🏆 Diablo4 Ultimate 🏆

    This will not get you the prize.😂
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    PC PCMR competition 🏆 Diablo4 Ultimate 🏆

    With this level of bragging,we might force the "PCMR Overlord" title on you.
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    PC PCMR competition 🏆 Diablo4 Ultimate 🏆

    Thanks for making that clear, those heavy breathing recordings shouldn't see public light.