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  1. Zzero

    Xbox Microsoft's acquisition of Activison Blizzard

    Ohhhhh? Paradox, Nacon, Krafton, Wargaming, Annapurna, Meta (small in games), 505 games, Focus Home, Amazon, Nordisk/Avalanche, Riot, Netflix, Marvelous!, NCSoft, PearlAbyss, Digital Extremes, Rebellion Developments, Team17, Frontier Developments, CI Games, Devolver Digital, Cygames, Nihon Ichi...
  2. Zzero

    News The FTC is moving forward with its in-house challenge to Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard deal

    For all of your posts saying the deal was dead, yes, a total bloodbath.
  3. Zzero

    News Former Director Of Business Square Enix Jacob Navok: “Let's be clear- I am not suggesting Xbox sales by themselves can radically change the numbers.”

    If those recent Nintendo specs rumors arectrue (big if, of course) then they'll have some huge high def gaming competition in Japan in about a year.
  4. Zzero

    Discussion Wet Dreams if true: Blizzard is Doomed

    Blizzard has been "dying" since Starcraft 2 (which had zero benefits over Starcraft 1, for those who have forgotten) so wake me when other people finally realize it.
  5. Zzero

    Discussion "They are who we thought they were" Colin Moriarty slams Phil Spencer and Microsoft.

    Colin Moriarty is a dipshit who is constantly wrong about everything, including this.
  6. Zzero

    Discussion "They are who we thought they were" Colin Moriarty slams Phil Spencer and Microsoft.

    Your daily reminder that Colin Moriarty wishes all games were ten hours long so he wouldn't have to keep playing them and could more quickly move on to his next soulless review.
  7. Zzero

    Discussion CCP knows Dust 514 should never have been a console exclusive: 'If we had been on PC the whole time the game would literally be alive'

    Jesus fucking Christ, guys, give up on non-Eve Eve games. This future turd is going to be strike three and everyone but you can see it coming. As to Dust.... it really hurt that MS wouldn't allow crossplay back in the day and CCP wanted to push consoles so no PC version (as said above.) But...
  8. Zzero

    Xbox Stores are bundling Starfield with an Xbox Series X for free

    Wait, why is Verizon selling consoles?
  9. Zzero

    Discussion Will you mourn the loss of Xbox in 2027?

    Probably, but if it means that physical media survives then it is a sacrifice that must be made.
  10. Zzero

    Rumor Unannounced Licensed Bethesda IP Is Reportedly Under The Disney Banner

    Disney really raking it in with Marvel whoring, shame gamers aren't interested outside of Spidey, X-Men and fighting games.
  11. Zzero

    News Sony has reportedly suffered a major cyberattack

    Good luck to them getting through it, my employer recently had one and its a whole lot of work. Edit: Or it could be a whole lot of bullshit...
  12. Zzero

    Discussion PlayStation 1st party games $60 on PC and $70 on PS5.

    So you're saying prices are too... low? Good luck bro but PS is not Nintendo, its games do not retain value like Nintendo's do outside of the online shop. Edit: Just checked ebay and the first game I searched, Racthet and Clank, can be found for 29.99+tax on ebay. New and sealed, free shipping...
  13. Zzero

    Xbox Microsoft's acquisition of Activison Blizzard

    MS probably did value them more than Nintendo or Sony. Nintendo might have taken the arcade gaming division even though they didn't really want it (note: Microsoft did not either and didn't even list it when talking about what studios and franchises they had) but in exchange would have had zero...
  14. Zzero

    Xbox Microsoft's acquisition of Activison Blizzard

    This was already publicly released, right? Didn't it also come with a little guide to their franchises with pictures of the logos? edit: Beaten. edit 2: I don't see that statement being made anywhere. Sony and Nintendo weren't actual targets on Microsoft's narrow list (or the big one,) whereas...
  15. Zzero

    Playstation 2024 will be a monster year for PS5

    OP is delusional if he thinks DS2 is coming next year. PS looks set to have FF7R2, maybe Wolverine and then a bucket of multiplayer slop. Oh and some soulslikes.
  16. Zzero

    Discussion Unity caves in a "liitle" to pressure. Writes open letter.

    Pretty much all of the main publishers have revolted against the storefront owners and set up their own competing stores. Then, a few years later, when it has become obvious that they lost way more than thirty percent of sales by being off Steam (or Google Play, etc.) they come crawling back...
  17. Zzero

    Discussion Jim Ryan On Gamepass: Microsoft has tried the first path and it did not work at all

    Its their main competitor's business strategy, they have to speak on it. I remember in one of my old jobs a big European competitor was breaking into our market with a business strategy our CEO hated and thought would not work- which he said loudly and repeatedly in internal e-mails. And he was...
  18. Zzero

    Discussion Jim Ryan On Gamepass: Microsoft has tried the first path and it did not work at all

    There is an easy solution to that problem...
  19. Zzero

    Discussion Embracer open to divesting studios, confirms more closures on the horizon

    Its been "done" for a decade at this point and yet still keeps getting new releases.