Anime thread? Anime thread.


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Most new shit scares the shit out of me so I stay in my lane lol

Will just rewatch Monster, Death Note, Outlaw Star and Yu Yu Hakusho.

I do give some new shows a chance some times, so I'll continue My Hero Academia as I'm in season 2.

I will say this, there is something about going thru school and watching an Anime that hits different lol I even save Anime to watch only during semesters of school, I'm about to start my BFA program at a University next year for Spring aka next month and I already have Dragon Ball lined up and will re-play Persona 5.

They just hit different when you are going thru school is all lol.

@Dodkrake Agreed. I'm about to run thru Dragon Ball - Dragon Ball Z next year. I think because I watched the series as a child, a lot of nostalgia is with Dragon Ball so I don't see as anything bad, though its not as the same tone as DBZ, its where it starts and I like to re-live a lot of those days randomly.

Like watching all of Cheers and then Frasier, I recently also re-watched all of Martin lol It helps with things I'm writing like if a story is in the 80's or 90's, I enjoy reliving that for a bit so I can recall small things to place in stories, but also cause I generally love that time frame and sorta get stuck in it for a while with old shows, film and anime.


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29 Nov 2022
New season sucks, nothing good so far. Probably the most promising is the nier anime. Mixed feelings about the new Trigun. It feels like they hired a western animation director or are cribbing off of western/Disney animation especially in the character animations and facial expressions. But it's done in CG, which even though done relatively well, still has an uncanny valley effect. Like titan ae except worse
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22 Jun 2022
West Virginia, USA
It's been a few months now, but I think the most recent thing I watched was Platinum End. It's made by the creators of Death Note, and it really shows in the plot structure and character development. It's pretty decent, but I think I liked Death Note more.

I also started Housing Complex C when it was coming on Toonami; I planned on watching every episode as it aired throughout the month of October, but after the second episode I just kinda lost interest.

Anyone else into JoJo's Bizarre Adventure? I know the final batch of Stone Ocean dropped last month, but after the long ass wait between the first and second batches, I stopped watching. I'll pick up the Blu Rays, assuming they actually release some here in the US, and watch the rest of it that way. I read part 6 in 2019, so I already know what's going to happen. Here's to hoping that, if Steel Ball Run gets an anime adaptation, Netflix doesn't have anything to do with it because they completely obliterated all my hype for Stone Ocean with their "Here's 12 episodes, now wait almost a year for 12 more!" bullshit.


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8 Jan 2023
Currently watching season 2 of Record of Ragnarok. I know the series gets a lot of criticism for its animation quality, but I'm having a decent time with it.


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16 Jul 2022
Finished gundam witch from mercury. Pretty good show, starts off like a slice of life teen drama, but gets dark towards the end.