[Rumor] Elden Ring DLC : Shadow of the Erdtree [Possibly Debunked]

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21 Jun 2022
Video here :

-Expansion/DLC is as big as the main game map and introduces 16 new NPC quests.
-6 New Weapon Types being added
-4 New Legacy Dungeons
-98 New Unique Enemy Types
-Will be sold separetely, both digitally and in disc format. Requires main game to play.

A Deluxe, Collector's, Premium Edition will be sold;

-Deluxe Edition comes with a map of the Outer Lands and a steelbook.
-Collector's Edition comes with a Statue of Miquella on top of of Torrent.
-Premium Edition comes with a decorated Haligtree which you can match with -Malenia's helmet in case you own it.
-Expansion is acessed at Ordina Liturgical Town.
-Bosses will be mostly harder than in the main game, Miquella the Unalloyed will have three phases.

I don't know if I believe this, but video looks legit.

Fake, see below
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29 Nov 2022
Starting from now it will be impossible to tell if a leak is real or fake based on artwork or video evidence, without some form of external verification. AI generated artwork is becoming devastatingly high quality. I actually kind of expect societal order to start breaking down as it's going to become possible to start framing people with fake AI generated footage and voice recordings.
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