Wanted: Dead - Review Copies Are Out

Elder Legend

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10 Jan 2023
The upcoming PS2-esque Action title Wanted: Dead releases on February 14th for PS5/PS4, Xbox Series X/S/X1 and PC.

Embargo lifts on the release date on February 14th, 6 AM PST.

Here is a TGS trailer as a reminder in what this game is about -

I am happy to confirm I have received a copy from the publisher earlier thus morning for the Xbox Series X. I requested either a PS5 or a Series X, they gave me the Series X.

NOTE - I am not allowed to speak in any greater detail in regards to this title until the embargo date. If you have questions, save them for the release date. I will make a review thread for this title when the time draws near. Thanks!

It's best practice to ask for both platforms, because sometimes other platforms are not unavailable until later. This happens quite frequent with multiplatform titles. Elden Ring I was given a PC copy first and then a PS5 copy 3 days later.



14 Jul 2022
Not for me but reviewers should have plenty of time to get through the game.