Banned users

Username Ban started Ban ends Reason
Never Alt of astroturfer Sleepy Brown
Never SpamBot
Drama / Disruption. Ban reinstated as it was.
Never Troll/astroturfer account who joined to insult the forum
Never Alt of troll/astroturfer Crow, despite warning came back to troll.
Never Burner/alt trolling account made by low life corporate sycophant
Never Alt of astroturfer ghostz
Never Constant Bickering and Trolling in multiple threads - Insults Members and Staff - Ignored Warnings
Never Trolling
Never Did not Learn - Multiple Reports / Trolling
Never Find another place to spread your garbage.
Never Continues to Troll after Multiple warning's and Bans, This time it is Permanent.
Never Constant Trolling
Never Alt of astroturfer Sleepy Brown
Never Copy Paste Ban for the Copy Paste Fan
Never Crawl back to the corporate sponsored echo chamber where you belong.
Never Scum not welcome
Never Trolling, baiting, insulting everyone. People of your ilk are not welcome here.
Never You clearly don't like it here, go troll and antagonize others elsewhere.
Never Spam bot
Never You don't care, You Insult anyone and everyone. Congratulations on the Speedrun Ban.
Never User requested. Find a circle jerk of your liking.
Never Abused the report tool and insulted everyone, including moderators. Find a community that caters to your narcissism.
Never Spam bot
Never We do not allow alternate accounts.
Never Coming to a New Forums just to Insult its members and Advertising other forums
Never There are other forums that accept homophobic rants. Go find them
Threats and Hate Speech, Insults
Never you've been warned multiple times and have been given multiple chances. You clearly don't want to discuss, only to troll. Find another forum.
Never Asking for it
Never We gave you every chance.
Never you had your second chance. Good bye.
Never This is a non-political website about games... take your agenda somewhere else.
Never Comments openly against our T&R
Never Racist Comments
Never Hate Speech