Banned users

Username Ban started Ban ends Reason
30 May 2024 Never We do not allow Alts Accounts.
30 May 2024 Never Requested
30 May 2024 3 Jun 2024 Trolling, Short ban, next will be longer.
3 May 2024 Never Obvious troll
10 Apr 2024 Never Alt signed up under VPN - Recruiting for other sites.
28 Mar 2024 Never DynamiteCop - Alt
26 Mar 2024 Never Requested
20 Mar 2024 Never I don't like banning people, but i have warned you three times now. Enough is enough.
8 Mar 2024 Never Alt of Kx11
27 Feb 2024 Never Constant Trolling in multiple threads. Now permanent after creating an alt to evade ban.
24 Feb 2024 Never Requested
9 Feb 2024 Never Joined for trolling only. Go project your hurt feelings over a plastic box elsewhere.
1 Feb 2024 Never Upgraded
12 Jan 2024 Never Spam Sales
10 Jan 2024 Never A bot adverting skin care products, your not worth it.
10 Jan 2024 Never SpamBot
9 Jan 2024 Never Alt of Kereke12, made to evade ban
29 Dec 2023 Never Console warring
22 Dec 2023 Never Another alt of VFXVeteran. Breaking our rules and lying about it was the last drop. You are not welcome here.
22 Dec 2023 Never Your tendency to view everything through Microsoft lenses was not a problem. Your antagonistic tone and victim complex, though, very much so. You have serious issues, VFXVeteran. Seek professional help.
21 Dec 2023 Never Constantly trolling, multiple reports. Your departure will be good news for this forum.
1 Nov 2023 Never Alt of astroturfer Sleepy Brown
31 Oct 2023 Never
26 Oct 2023 Never SpamBot
18 Oct 2023 25 Jun 2024 Trolling
13 Oct 2023 Never Troll/astroturfer account who joined to insult the forum
13 Oct 2023 Never Alt of troll/astroturfer Crow, despite warning came back to troll.
13 Oct 2023 Never Burner/alt trolling account made by low life corporate sycophant
24 Sep 2023 Never Alt of astroturfer ghostz
19 Sep 2023 Never Constant Bickering and Trolling in multiple threads - Insults Members and Staff - Ignored Warnings
10 Sep 2023 Never Trolling
30 Aug 2023 Never Did not Learn - Multiple Reports / Trolling
27 Aug 2023 Never Find another place to spread your garbage.
14 Aug 2023 Never Continues to Troll after Multiple warning's and Bans, This time it is Permanent.
16 Jul 2023 Never Constant Trolling
12 Jul 2023 Never Alt of astroturfer Sleepy Brown
12 Jul 2023 Never Copy Paste Ban for the Copy Paste Fan
9 Jul 2023 Never Crawl back to the corporate sponsored echo chamber where you belong.
20 Jun 2023 Never Scum not welcome
19 Jun 2023 Never Trolling, baiting, insulting everyone. People of your ilk are not welcome here.