IGN: Star Wars Outlaws Wants to Be Your Dream "Open Galaxy"

John Elden Ring

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5 Jul 2022
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This month’s IGN First is Star Wars Outlaws! To kick things off, here’s how Massive Entertainment built the first open world Star Wars game, and what you'll be doing in it. Learn all about Star Wars Outlaws’ world, missions, Wanted System, development, and much more from the devs themselves, and check out some Star Wars Outlaws gameplay.Stay tuned throughout July as we’ll have more exclusive Star Wars Outlaws gameplay and behind-the-scenes looks. The Star Wars Outlaws release date is August 30, 2024 for PS5 (PlayStation 5), Xbox, and PC.



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4 Aug 2023
I'm cautiously pessimistic about this game.

The main character looks like a partial gender-bend of Han Solo, and the story trailer had pretty terrible animations together with uninteresting characters all around.

And that's all before taking into account Ubisoft's tiered content deployment where we need to pay like $120 for the ultra deluxe version that has the actual full game.


26 Jun 2024
There's the Massive Entertainment that made The Division and then there's the Massive Entertainment that made Avatar, which was a standard Far Cry clone, complete with typical Ubisoft open world content padding like copy/paste bases to conquer, endless collectibles, and a half-baked crafting and loot system.

It remains to be seen which version of Massive Entertainment is behind this game.
I hope it's more like The Division, but I'm afraid it will end up being more like Avatar.
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Major Tom
9 Jan 2023
Lol, guess Galaxies doesn't exist then. Also, over/under on number of planets in this "open Star Wars world". I say 7 but am debating whether to take the under.

Edit: Just to be clear, I do want this game to be good. I have hope for it to at least be good.