Modern Warfare 3 is Set to Come to Xbox Game Pass This Month

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5 Jul 2022
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Microsoft is set to launch Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in Xbox Game Pass later this month. The 2023 Call of Duty title will mark the first of the older Call of Duty games coming to Xbox Game Pass. Developed by Sledgehammer Games, the game generally received positive reviews from the community, but critics found its single-player content too short and lackluster. It’s understood that the announcement could come as soon as today, which is believed to have been the original plan for the Xbox Game Pass price increases and changes. The subscription service price increased by as much as 25% in some regions.
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28 Jun 2024
So they raised the price to put the CoD in the Game Pass knowing that they would probably lose in sales.

They will increase this price even more.
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25 Mar 2023
Nobody that actually cared for CoD waited this long to pay monthly fees to play a game that is almost 1 years old. This whole gamepass thing is embarrassing one of the most pathetic corporate train wrecks in gaming history.
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