EA Is Reportedly Ending Support For Wild Hearts

John Elden Ring

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5 Jul 2022
United States
EA is ending support for Omega Force’s action role-playing game, Wild Hearts, based on the latest information.

According to a moderator of the official Discord channel for Wild Hearts, EA has decided to end support for the game. They added that it appeared the publisher did not want to give it the time to develop and establish a wider audience. They mentioned that people who don’t know them are likely wondering who their sources are, but, as per them, “the obvious is obvious”.

The expectation was for it to become a competitor to Capcom’s Monster Hunter series. Seeing as that didn’t happen and it didn’t turn into the multi-million dollar franchise the publisher had expected, EA has apparently decided to pull the plug on support.

The Reddit moderator also hinted at the possible announcement of Monster Hunter 6 at Tokyo Game Show 2023. They said that while Wild Hearts didn’t get the opportunity that it deserved, there is light at the end of the tunnel for fans with Capcom’s upcoming entry in the Mo