Introducing Icon Extra - Support the Forum <3


22 Jul 2022
no, I meant the timing of you and cat ladys ban together, it looked like it was within minutes of each other like you guys were coordinating

Pool Swimming GIF by Foo Fighters

No one pointed to which post like they do sometimes but yes I think it was from the same topic.
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Icon Extra
29 Nov 2022
Today we are introducing Icon Extra, a paid subscription to the site.

The prices are as follows
  • 3€ - 1 month
  • 15€ - 6 months (1 month discounted)
  • 27€ - 12 months / 1 year (3 months discounted)
Conversion: 3€ = 2.95$ (US) currently.


  • Icon Extra title under avatar
  • Change tag once per month
  • Upload images directly to site
  • Allowed 2 entries into competitions
  • 'Elite' status on the discord server
Why support IconEra?

IconEra is a passion project, it is a place to discuss computer and video games without external interference... whether that is for financial gain or political. We try to keep it 100% about our passions and even our Off Topic discussion is about pastimes, hobbies and other passions, such as Lego, Film, Music etc.

We run the forum as efficiently as possible, thanks to cooperation between the founders, however we are still ambitious with our plans

Our upcoming plans include offering more competitions (Photo and others)... upgrading the site aesthetics and adding a light theme... and finally a new marketing campaign to target Facebook and grow the forum as much as possible.

At 3 euro per month, we believe we are offering a lot back to the community and individually to each user that subscribes, we run no advertising and we appreciate each and every member here, so we would be incredibly grateful for your support!

To upgrade your profile, press on your profile in the top right of the screen and look down the list to see 'Account upgrades' and the rest is easy!

Please give feedback or ask questions below.

Many thanks,

@Bryank75 is there a way to renew subs before they expire?


Dixon Cider Ltd.
Icon Extra
22 Jun 2022
I've been giving out free Extra this week, I announced on the Discord and most people have received a message but sometimes I do a batch and might forget someone.

If anyone wants a month, they can just DM me.... we are celebrating 6 months active, approaching 400 members and all the activity this week.

Any other questions, people can DM me also. <3
Me please. I bounced a month awhile back, it'd be very appreciated. :embarrasssed: Life without the image uploader was torture, I kept putting off making some posts until I could attach images again lol