The new employee retention rate in Japan is 70%. Nintendo’s is 98.8%


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11 Aug 2023
Also EU countries has the same issues, has tried to "fix" the old population and well, you know the results.
I would gladly go to work and live in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Austria etc. Would try my hardest to learn the language (could use english as a crutch until I learn). I live in Europe in a non EU country. Knowing people that live in Sweden for example, I am told it is overrun by migrants from outside Europe ( not a problem in itself), but most of them do not want to work and are allowed to feed off of hardworking taxpayers, all while not even having citizenship. I expected the goverments of the developed world just wanted cheaper labor, that does not seem to be the case, since most of them not only not work, but instead live on benefits. Goes beyond me.
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4 Aug 2023
I think Japan has put laws into place as of the end of last decade to stop excessive overwork. I remember Sakurai from Smash Brothers talking about how he had to adjust his approach.

I wasn't aware of that occurence.
The difference being the US workers actually work those extra hours. In Japan extra hours are often the result of archaic work culture, for example leaving before your boss (even though you finished your tasks/work for the day) is very frowned upon in most workplaces, so you end up staying longer for no reason. Also, efficiency iis not appreciated. If ia am somehow able to do my tasks for the day in 3 hours and someone stretches that workload to 12 hours, the other guy that stayed longer will be much more appreciated. Since extra hours equals more work done (not) and shows "commitment" to the all powerful and respected company. Like I said a very sick and horrific work culture.

I recall japan having strange customs regarding work but I think the japanese worker problem is very likely to be overblown.


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5 Sep 2023
I wasn't aware of that occurence.

I recall japan having strange customs regarding work but I think the japanese worker problem is very likely to be overblown.
Yeah, on the first. I would love to know more myself. I’ve never looked into it, given that the subject is probably quite complicated at a glance.


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29 Jun 2023
It’s a shame. I know I’m simplifying things, but have more babies seems like a problem with an easy answer. But it doesn’t seem like that’s where things are trending culturally.

It’s interesting because a baby boom or two later, it feels like you guys would start to be moving in the right direction, even if things were weird due to the existing generational damage.
It is fine. Not every countries or even empires are evergreen. I think we made the most out of the best generation. Now we can live out of travel, entertainment industry thanks to the excessive amount of cultural promoting and export. Also the infracstructure and capitals we accumulated since will prevent us from dark out in case of a recession. Not to mention we lived on an island, has the third best Maritime and Air Force, pretty safe. Phasing out the old generation and waiting for the new golden gen era.

I think South Korea is eays more doomed though, their golden generation has gone and now their lifeblood is 2 big corporation(Samsung and Huyndai) who pulls the string both economically and politically.
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