Xbox is on track to knock Sony PlayStation down to third place for the first time in history


9 Sep 2023
I like how jez doesn’t add anything journalistic wise to the graph shown, instead a clickbaity headline which isn’t true. It’s like they skew everything to try and create a narrative which isn’t there. This quarter alone Sony brought in $6.6 billion, this graph tells me this is removing all hardware revenue, something jez conveniently confuses with his headline. ‘Sony PlayStation’ as jez puts it, is tracking to have a $28 billion fiscal year. Microsoft would be $16 billion and then roughly ~$8 billion activision/blizz if it was a full year. He even puts in his article that Microsoft is forecasting a 50% increase next quarter with the inclusion of activ/bliz, one bit of journalism would have shown that still isn’t near what PlayStation would make next quarter.
20 Jun 2022
Salalah, Oman
WTF am I reading here? Isn't Sony at around $25B? Also COD has bombed real hard so they need to wait until they're 100% merged.
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18 Jun 2022
Eh, we will see...this is all hypothetical at this stage.

Either way, they had to spend a lot more than they are going to get back to get anywhere near PS revenue.

Xbox as a platform is still in decline, these are all third party / game development revenues. When you buy the biggest third party publisher in the industry, of course you will make some gains in the areas of revenue... it's obvious.