In Neogaf, SoloKingRobert has been exposed to be none other than the paid shill Florian Muller


8 Jan 2023
That twitter user perlrulez who florian is trying to find the details for has closed their twitter account. I wonder if they got spooked.

I use to see them post alot on twitter.
Yeah, JayDubCity16 just tweeted about the situation of him trying to sue everyone. Dude is truly pathetic for his attempt to try and bully everyone who isn't in the cult.

Dick Jones

Corporate Dick
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5 Jul 2022
Imagine this asshole going on the defensive because people shared a screenshot where he seemingly slipped up, and then making statements like these:

I wish the FTC brought a case against him for slander.

Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.

That mentally ill 60 year old virgin needs to be ignored.