Xbox Game Pass is getting MAJOR changes, with a new tier without day one games, and a range of price increases


22 Feb 2023

Al Catone

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18 Jun 2024
NZ is going to be wild

This price change allows us to continue to bring you more value and great games for the very best gaming experience. Starting 12 September 2024, you will be charged NZ$173.95 plus applicable taxes every recurrence period unless you cancel up to two days prior to your next scheduled payment date.
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27 Feb 2024
.......... 1 yr of Lamepass + series S = PS disc version, No wonder they are being included in firestick lmao. Good luck convincing people to get 260$ sub where you dont own shit at end of it. The next step is 30$/month come 2026
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22 Feb 2023
  • Soon, Xbox Game Pass for console will be shuttered for new users only.
  • Users currently on Xbox Game Pass for console will be allowed to maintain their subscription, as well as day one games, and the hundreds of titles in the back catalogue.
  • New users on Xbox Game Pass in the near future will be greeted by a new Xbox Game Pass "Standard." This is more like EA Access, which includes Xbox's back catalogue, and doesn't include day one games. This will be priced at $14.99 per month, and will also include Xbox Live Gold for multiplayer (now known as Game Pass Core, confusingly). It doesn't include Xbox Cloud gaming. Game Pass Standard is supposedly launching in September.
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will not be changed, but it will get a price increase. It will still include PC Game Pass, day one games, and hundreds of back catalogue titles, as well as cloud gaming. But, it is getting a price increase. The new price will be $19.99 per month.
  • PC Game Pass is also getting a price increase, from $9.99 per month to $11.99.
  • PC Game Pass will also continue to get day one games.
  • Xbox Game Pass Core (Xbox Live Gold multiplayer) gets an annual price increase to $74.99 from $59.99, but it will remain $9.99 per month.
  • The price increases for recurring billing will take effect on September 12, 2024.

Worldwide price changes

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12 May 2024
If this does NOT wake up the Xbots, I don't know what will!
Even with access to Mobile, Nvidia, Amazon, Samsung TVs, Fridges, etc. + PC Market... and it's not even moving the needle an inch for GP/Xbox!
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mibu no ookami

21 Feb 2024
They had to increase the price if CoD was going to be involved but it won't stop here. You're going to see price increases before major title releases too. Elders Scroll 6, price increase, Fallout 5, price increase.

Will be very interesting to see whether they can maintain subscribers and how this further diminishes sales of Xbox consoles, particularly the Series S.


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26 Jun 2022
This is not going to go over well. Expect to see more users abandon the sinking Xbox brand.
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